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'Ravanasura' helped me push my boundaries: Megha Akash


Ravanasura hits the cinemas on April 7. In this interview, actress Megha Akash talks about the experience of doing the Ravi Teja-Sudheer Varma feature film. The suspense thriller apparently has Megha Akash in an intriguing role. "I don't know how to even talk about my role without giving spoilers," the 'LIE' and 'Raja Raja Chora' actress avers, adding that she thoroughly enjoyed watching the Mass Maharaja from close quarters. "He is so humble and active," she says. "Two days after the script came my way, I decided to do the challenging role because I wanted to push my boundaries," Megha says, adding that the retro song 'Veyyinokka Jillala Varaku' is her favourite one from the thriller.

My director has instructed me not to reveal anything about my character (laughs). The entire team of 'Ravanasura' has been instructed to be cautious. Abhishek Pictures and RT Team Works took very good care of me. Producer Abhishek Nama is quiet and shy.

Harika is my name in 'Ravanasura'. I play a rich woman who is composed and classy. Is there a flashback in the movie? I don't know (laughs). I am intense, I am funny. My role has got a lot of variations. The journey through the role felt new. Overall, it was a comfortable experience although the role was a bit challenging.

Ravi Teja is a big star. His cooperative efforts made it easy for me. After a long time, working on a movie was such a breeze. I learned a lot from him as to how to conduct oneself. I have got scenes with Faria Abdullah and Poojitha Ponnada among the female actors.

When I listened to the story, everything felt different. Someone like Ravi Teja, who is a big name, doing a film of this sort is something nobody would imagine. I don't have any idea about the other important characters in the movie. It's an ensemble cast. I am shy and introverted by nature. I take time to get to know a person. The feature film format offers me that scope.

Director Sudheer Varma looks quiet and shy on set. When it comes to technical knowledge, he is quite deep. He is a patient person. I was nervous on the first day of the shoot because I had to do a scene with Ravi Teja. It was a light-veined scene. The director made me relax for a few minutes. I took a break and recouped myself to act in front of the camera, thanks to his support.

If a film of mine flops, I get over it in a couple of days. My personal life is strong. I have a very supportive and loving family. So, my professional and personal lives are well-balanced. I am not over-ambitious. I don't take up multiple films at the same time. I spend time with my family. Happiness acquires primacy in my mind. I am okay being selective/picky. I am not self-critical. I watch my own movies as an audience member.

I am a director's actor. I don't look into the monitor. I just notice my director's face. If he is satisfied, I am good.

I am listening to scripts in Telugu. In Tamil, I have a film opposite Vijay Antony. It is directed by Vijay Milton. There is another Tamil project that completed its shoot recently. People Media Factory is producing it. Santhanam is its hero. A film presented by my mother is currently under production.

Updated on April 6, 2023