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'Baby' is an intense love story with an unpredictable climax: Viraj Ashwin


Viraj Ashwin says that 'Baby' is both intense and portrays the pain of love. Set to hit the cinemas on July 14, the love story is directed by Sai Rajesh. In this interview, Viraj (known for the short film 'Manasanamaha') says that Vaishnavi Chaitanya doesn't seem like a debutante. He also praises Anand Deverakonda as a talented actor. "I am playing a rich college student in 'Baby'. He brims with energy and behaves like a fashionable college-goer," he adds. Raising the expectations of the audience, Viraj says that the climax of 'Baby' is unpredictable.

Viraj is my name in the film, which is both fresh and intense. Although this is a triangular love story, the format is novel.

Sai Rajesh's writing is hard-hitting. The story revolves around three lead characters, who mirror persons in the real world. I play a college-goer who is close to reality as much as the rest of the characters. The trailer, released last week, increased my confidence in the film's dramatic potential. No wonder it has clocked millions of views so far.

The director was so clear-cut with the narration. Thanks to the cinematography (by Bal Reddy) and other technical aspects, 'Baby' comes across as a big-scale movie. The camera angles, the lighting and Vijay Bulganin's music are going to captivate the audience in theatres. So far, three songs have been released and each of them is unique. The fourth song is going to further enthrall the audience. Viplav Nyshadam's editing has been completed in step with the director's vision. Since I am related to Editor Marthand K Venkatesh, I have some understanding of how important editing is.

My co-stars, Anand and Vaishnavi, have become good friends of mine. We all gave our best efforts to each scene. I hope, this July 14, our acting will be appreciated by one and all. The trailer brought out the broad trajectory of the story. There is no hero as such in the movie. Everyone is a character.

Producer SKN and Sai Rajesh gel together very well. Their chemistry is great since they have known each other for many years. He is a passionate producer who totally loves his movie. He is the perfect producer 'Baby' could have had.

'Thank You Brother' had a good story. Due to the pandemic, we could release it only on OTT. 'Anaganaga O Prema Katha' was my first theatrical release but it didn't work, much like 'Vallidhari Madhya'. 'Baby' is my first proper theatrical release. I hope the film turns out to be a big plus to my career. I played a mechanic in the recent release, 'Maya Petika'.

I have always gone by content. I will next be seen in 'Mareechika', which co-stars Anupama Parameswaran and Regina Cassandra. Satish Kasetty has penned the movie. It is in the post-production phase. I am also doing a rom-com, which is more of an entertainer. I am playing a cameo in Nani30; I know its director personally.  

Updated on July 10, 2023