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Action in 'Gandeevadhari Arjuna' is realistic, emotions are rooted: Varun Tej


Varun Tej's 'Gandeevadhari Arjuna', produced by BVSN Prasad, will be released in theatres on August 25. In this interview, the Mega hero says that the title denotes a call for help. Arjuna, the titular character played by Tej, comes to the rescue of those who are in danger. "This is not a typical spy film. I am playing a private security person guarding an Indian Union Minister," Tej says. He talks about the strengths of the Praveen Sattaru directorial, adding that the climax will be thought-provoking. "We are facing a crisis. That's why Nassar's character says that humans have turned out to be cancer to Earth," the 'F2' actor says. Read on to know more...

I have always liked the sensibilities of Praveen Sattaru's movies right since his 'LBW' days. 'GA' came my way during the making of 'Ghani'. I was inclined to listen to an action thriller story from him. Usually, stylish actioners are bereft of substance. But 'GA' has got both style and substance. The issue that the film talks about is pertinent. The ramifications of climate change are going to be borne by the future generation. I liked Sattaru's idea of making a responsible actioner. It's not every time that an actor gets to do such a film. I have done entertainers like 'F2' and 'F3'. On the other hand, 'GA' belongs to a different zone.

'PSV Garuda Vega' was a fantastic actioner. I liked the emotions in 'Chandamama Kathalau', another Sattaru film. 'GA' has got both fantastic action and touching emotions.

The film was shot in London because the backdrop is a climate change conference. Such conferences take place in developed cities.

The story of 'GA' is fictional but the topic of global warming is real. Extreme weather events and erratic rains affect poor countries. Where does all the waste go? We use plastics indiscriminately. While raising these issues, 'GA' doesn't offer any instant solutions. Our film only highlights the grave reality as it is and leaves to mankind how it wants to tackle those problems. A macro, global problem has been broken into a micro problem in 'GA' to make it more relatable. "Be the change you want to see in the world" is what Mahatma Gandhi said. Our film tries to convey the message in a non-preachy way.

Some stories have to be told in an entertaining way. If you make a docu-drama, nobody is going to watch your film.

I like to shoot for actioners. So, I thoroughly enjoyed doing 'GA'. Films like 'KGF' and 'Salaar' have larger-than-life, high-octane action. In 'GA', the action is real. We used VFX only to enhance the visual quality. We have tried something different. A strong emotional core drives the story forward in 'GA'.

Thanks to realistic action, I sustained injuries. But those injuries were minor. And it's commonplace and unavoidable.

For now, 'GA' is a standalone film. There are no plans to make a sequel or turn it into a franchise. 'GA' is a story-driven film, not a character-based actioner. The franchise model would suit the latter more. Talk of the James Bond and Mission Impossible movies, for example.

Mickey J Meyer is known for romantic and soft family movies. But when 'Mahanati' came out, we were in for a major surprise. He has made use of the opportunity and delivered the best for our movie.

The costumes I have donned are minimalistic. The story pans out in a span of four days. I had to wear more or less the same dress throughout the film. That's what the story demanded. There are no dramatic elevations and all. When I listened to the story, I sat on the edge of my seat. It's a nail-biting thriller.

As an actor, I look for job satisfaction. I want to enjoy my work every day. When the film gets released, by afternoon, its fate almost becomes clear. That's why I feel the journey has to be enjoyable. And 'GA' has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Sakshi Vaidya has performed really well. She is expressive, focused and determined. On the first day of her shoot, she had to mouth a three-page dialogue. She delivered the long lines with perfection. She takes her job very seriously.

My next movie, 'Operation Valentine', involved a lot of plan. We can't show the Indian Air Force in poor light even for a moment. A lot of approvals had to be taken. I didn't accept the movie eyeing the Hindi market. I got attracted to the script because it is a patriotic film. It won't be released in any other language other than Telugu and Hindi.

For cinema, language shouldn't be a barrier. I heard that a recent Telugu film, which is small in scale, has been bought by a Spanish film producer for a remake.

The characters I have donned in some of my movies like 'Antariksham' and 'Ghani' were rigid and non-talkative in nature. I will be breaking that mould with 'Matka', to be directed by Karuna Kumar. In 'Matka', I will be donning four different looks (from youngster to middle-aged phase). The origin of gambling will be explored through the protagonist's character in that movie. 'Operation Valentine' will also be different on that front.

Updated on August 23, 2023