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'Bubblegum' explores the perspectives of youngsters, elders: Maanasa Choudhary


'Bubblegum', the relationship drama, is all set to hit the cinemas on December 29. In this interview, debutante actress Maanasa Choudhary says that her co-star Roshan Kanakala and director Ravikanth Perepu were wonderful to work with. "We got to travel together for about a year," she says. The newcomer suggests that the story also brings out the perspectives of the parents of the lead pair. "The themes and ideas explored by 'Bubblegum' are relatable to youngsters. Finding the right partner itself is a matter of luck," Maanasa says.

My father is into the Export-Import business. My brother is into the food technology business and he wants to become a filmmaker someday. After my studies, I started doing modelling. I got in touch with director Ravikanth through a friend. I was asked to participate in a photoshoot and was chosen after that. Adivi Sesh's 'Kshanam', his directorial debut, is among my favourite movies. I was a child when it was released.

The people on the sets of the film respected each other. The ambience was right; the director made us feel comfortable. The characterizations and the story are real. The youngsters in the movie are how they are like in real life in 2023.

Janhvi is my character's name; she is a fashion designer. My onscreen friends are much like my real-life friends. Ravikanth happened to go through my Insta pics to understand my lifestyle and my kind of social circle. He molded the character to ensure that it was relatable. Some scenes in 'Bubblegum' are intimate and intense. The scope for acting was massive and I got to prove myself.

Love and self-respect are the two dominant themes of the film. Respecting the other person in a relationship is an idea this film drives with all sincerity. Standing up for your dreams is another element the drama taps into. Music director Sricharan Pakala's working relationship with the director made it all the more a seamless experience.

My modelling experience helped me in doing my first web series named 'Emoji' (Tamil). Acting workshops were held before the shoot for 'Bubblegum'. I got to learn a lot from Roshan as well. He emotes a lot through his eyes. Everyone who has watched the movie (I am yet to) is positive about it. For someone without a film background, I feel lucky to have got to do a film like 'Bubblegum'.

I have just entered the film. I don't have genre specifications. That said, I like period movies and spy thrillers like 'Goodachari'. 'Ammu', 'Thappad' and such movies also interest me. I am also fascinated by commercial movies like 'Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo'. While doing 'Bubblegum', the only thought that occupied my mind was whether my director was happy with my performance. I feel I can pull off dances if I get trained.

Doing 'Bubblegum' taught me the art of living in the moment and enjoying my work. The entire shoot was a calm, fun experience.

After my first web series, I tried my best to get into the Tamil film industry. But I somehow failed to crack it. I don't know what they didn't like about me. 'Bubblegum' changed everything for me. 

Updated on December 26, 2023