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Action scenes in 'Saindhav' have a certain rawness: Venkatesh


'Victory' Venkatesh awaits the release of 'Saindhav' on January 13. Directed by Sailesh Kolanu of the 'HIT' franchise fame, the film is a blend of intense emotions and realistic action. In this interview, the 'Narappa' and 'Drushyam 2' actor suggests that the treatment is what sets 'Saindhav' apart from other films in the genre.

Once things fall into place, I enjoy the process of doing a movie. I behave more like an Assistant Director to an extent. Small improvizations happen even after the script is locked. This is my 75th film but it is more than a milestone outing. Producer Venkat Boyanapalli told me he has been my fan and that he wanted to work with me.

My character in 'Saindhav' has no resemblance to 'Dharma Chakram'. The emotional beats and plot turns are entirely different.

Sailesh Kolanu has designed a highly emotional climax. The daughter sentiment will surely be a stand-out feature. The action sequences go with the flow. None of them is unwanted. They are both raw and realistic. The pacing is fast. I am comfortable acting alongside kids. Baby Sara was active right from day one.

The story takes place in a fictional town named Chandraprastha. This is something new to me. I don't see anything risky in the setting. It is fundamental to the script. The background score is exceptional.

After 'Bobbili Raja', due to injuries, I switched to family-friendly movies. I stopped doing action movies for a while. Nobody can be in control of external factors affecting their career. We can only do our job. I am not bound by time. I don't have this wish to have at least one theatrical release per year.

'Rana Naidu' hasn't impacted my female following. Each film finds its own set of audiences. What people had to express about it, they did so. I am told Netflix is really happy with the response. (The web series will have a second season soon).

Script selection evolves with your experience. There was a time when I was advised not to do remakes. You shouldn't do films to satisfy others. You have to be watchful of your choices, and you have to be sincere and honest. I don't ignore feedback but how I handle it is up to me. Feedback shouldn't let me down, and shouldn't affect me negatively. Despite all the caution, you go wrong sometimes.

You have to be grateful to the universe and its energy. Many times, good films came my way without my conscious effort. These events in life are inexplicable. I am not conscious of my stardom. I am grateful that the audience have always encouraged me. I respect that and love that. Beyond this, I don't know anything.

Aging heroes have to play their age eventually. Everyone gets to that stage at their own pace. It's just a matter of time.

People say I stay away from controversies and that I have never been in the news over a controversial reason. If I knew how it has been possible, I would advise others (laughs). I am the kind of person who doesn't make anyone feel uncomfortable.

People ask me about the Swami Vivekananda biopic. The biopic is not happening. Nobody has come up with a full script.

Updated on January 11, 2024