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Intensity in 'Ambajipeta Marriage Band' will surprise the viewer: Suhas


'Ambajipeta Marriage Band', produced by GA2 Pictures, is coming also under the banner of Dheeraj Mogilineni Entertainment. The film will hit the cinemas on February 2. Starring Suhas in the lead, the film features Shivani Nagaram and Goparaju Ramana in key roles. In this interview, the 'Colour Photo' actor talks about the strengths of the romantic drama.

I was recently blessed with a son. I see it as a good omen! It was in last February that my film 'Writer Padmabhushan' was released in theatres. This February, it is 'AMB'.

I and my gang in the film belong to a marriage band. We all trained in playing band for 20-25 days. We did a workshop for some important portions for a month or so. I got my head tonsured for the role. I believed that going to that extent is worth it. Such is the strength of the subject. Owning the Rajahmundry slang was not difficult. I interact with individuals from that region.

Dushyanth Katikaneni's story gave me a high when I read it. Those were still the times of the pandemic. About half of the incidents in the film happened in real life. Those have been drawn from his observations.

Till 20 minutes before the interval, the film is driven by entertainment. By the time the interval arrives, the audience will know the film's trajectory. The mood turns serious. The second half is high on emotions. It is so intense that the viewer will be surprised. 'Chiruthapudi Marriage Band' was the first title under consideration. The director wanted something more appealing and unambiguous. All characters have spoken with authenticity in the movie.

'AMB' is not a caste-based movie. The conflict involves ego issues between individuals. What happens when verbal duels spiral out of control is what the film is about. Saranya Pradeep is my sister in the movie. An incident on our birthday escalates into a series of unexpected events.

You will fall in love with Sekhar Chandra's background music. The songs that go with the story in the second half will stand out.

On February 1, we are holding paid premiers in multiple locations. The 'word of mouth' will help with advance bookings for Day 1 (Feb 2). That's our idea. The premiers shows of 'Writer Padmabhushan' were a big hit both in the domestic market and in the US.

Producer Dheeraj garu has been supportive of me. My parents can't believe that I have done a film with Geetha Arts. Thanks to Dheeraj garu, it happened with 'AMB'.

When I was playing character roles, the amount of work was less. But now, the workload is more. I don't want to stick to only lead roles. I played a negative role in 'HIT 2'. I am not accepting more and more roles as of now because doing so might squeeze me out by the time I am 40. I will explore more roles once my current assignments are finished. Had 'Colour Photo' been released in theatres, it would surely have been a hit.

I am doing 'Cable Reddy' and another film titled 'Prasanna Vadanam' with an associate of Sukumar sir. I am mostly getting to work with debutant directors. A film directed by the dialogue-writer of 'Salaar' is in the making. It is produced by Dil Raju garu. Sandeep Raj is planning another movie with me after 'Colour Photo'.

Updated on January 30, 2024