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Semi-fantasy element in 'Bhimaa' will thrill the audience: Gopichand


Gopichand awaits the release of 'Bhimaa' on March 8. Starring Malvika Sharma and Priya Bhavani Shankar in key roles, the action entertainer is directed by A Harsha. In this interview, the action hero talks about the film's durable strengths. He also reflects on his poor choices in the past.

It was my interest to do a cop story with director A Harsha, whose characterization and the semi-fantasy element thrilled me. To kill a Rakshasa, you need a Brahma Rakshasa. This captures the essence of Bhimaa's high-octane characterization. My previous action films had no fantasy element. This is what makes 'Bhimaa' a cut above the rest. There is absolutely no way this can be likened to 'Akhanda', although I don't have any complaints with people doing the comparisons.

Action films work only when the emotion works. As far as the emotional angle is concerned, 'Bhimaa' stands out. Some elements did surprise me but the director's explanation convinced me eventually. I wondered why he brought in horses and all. Bhimaa is majestically strong. And that's why he needs to ride a horse.

Police stories have been many in number. 'Bhimaa' is novel in the way the story has been treated. The director has worked with the composer (Ravi Basrur) and the cinematographer (Hari) before.

I am aware that 'Bhimaa' is producer KK Radhamohan's costliest film. But I don't know the exact budget.

I am yet to watch 'Bhimaa' with background music. But I am sure that Ravi Basrur's BGM is outstanding.

A film like 'Sahasam' would work even today. The last 40 minutes were edge-of-the-seat. Comedies work only rarely. My 'Loukyam' became a hit while 'Soukyam' didn't work. 'Rama Banam' had a dated story. I knew it well when I accepted the story. I relied on presentation and treatment. But things backfired.

The Shiva Ratri release of 'Bhimaa' is coincidental. Our original plan was to release it in December 2023. But 'Salaar' came out. Sankranthi was crowded. February had no suitable date.

Stories must not be done keeping the pan-Indian audience in mind. The mindset of the Hindi audience is different from that of others. Only a limited number of stories work for all audiences. If you try to impress everyone, it will boomerang.

I and Prabhas have been wanting to share screen space for a long time. I don't know when it is going to take shape.

As a filmmaker, my father used to draw stories from society. His exposure to social problems was deep. He used to make message-oriented movies. These days, the filmmakers' understanding of social problems must be intimate for them to deliver a hit. I got the opportunity to deliver a message in the climax of just one film so far.

Filmmaking is not an easy job. Wielding the megaphone is extremely hard, while finding loopholes in a film is very easy. A good director must be ready for feedback no matter who provides him.

My film with Srinu Vaitla is 20% complete. You can expect his style of comedy and loads of action in it. I am also doing a film with UV Creations.  

Updated on March 5, 2024