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'Om Bheem Bush' has elements of mystery in it: Director Sree Harsha Konuganti


Sree Vishnu's 'Om Bheem Bush', touted to be a new-age comedy entertainer co-starring Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna, will hit the cinemas on March 22. Helmed by Sree Harsha Konuganti, the film is brought out by UV Creations and V Celluloid (produced along with Sunil Balusu). In this interview, director Harsha of 'Hushaaru' fame says that the film follows an exciting premise and has as much magic as it has logic in it. He daringly says that 'OBB' is ten times funnier than 'Samajavaragamana', adding that 90% of the screen time is occupied by the lead trio.

The three lead men in 'Om Bheem Bush' have completed their courses from a University. They are aged and set out on a path of treasure hunt in a village. Back in the old era, precious valuables used to be hidden several feet below the soil surface. The coconut gravity technique was deployed by treasure hunters. In my film, the protagonists have similar aims. The very title signifies a fantastical element. It's a catchphrase-like title that children find fascinating.

The combination of Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi and Rahul evokes a sense of logicless, fun film. But my film has enough logic going for it. I don't want to reveal the emotional angle present in the film. The emotional aspect is a major highlight. The lead men are quirky and try to fix things with their attitude. But they end up screwing themselves. The three lead actors were so much fun to work with. Nobody else could have done better than them.

A film like 'OBB' has to be completed within a short time so that the production costs don't go up.

I have read about an incident of a treasure hunt in Andhra. But 'OBB' is essentially fictional. Ayesha Khan, one of the female leads, became popular after we roped her in. There are guest roles (by Kamakshi Bhaskarla and Priya Vadlamani) as well.

My film will work in any language. There is a proposal for Hindi remake rights. A particular plot point will work for the Hindi audience.

Such is its subject. UV Creations' Vamsi anna and producer Sunil have been highly encouraging. 'OBB' materialized because Vamsi anna wanted to work with me after 'Hushaaru'. Since I had committed to doing a film with Dil Raju garu, 'Rowdy Boys' happened first.

Sunny MR of 'Swamy Ra Ra', 'Uyyala Jampala' and 'Hushaaru' fame will make a comeback with 'OBB'. Arjit Singh's two songs in our movie will become big hits after the release of the film. The orchestration of one of the songs was completed in Budapest.

Everyone who has watched 'OBB' so far has been extremely positive. We are looking forward to its commercial success.

There is more logic than magic in 'OBB'. Even in my first film, there was a human emotion inherent to the story. In 'OBB', the emotional quotient is actually higher. However, we have portrayed the film as an out-and-out comedy.

Updated on March 12, 2024