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Mohanakrishna Indraganti's Interview: 'V is my biggest film in terms of scale'


After a soft film like 'Sammohanam', Mohanakrishna Indraganti is gearing up for the release of Nani-Sudheer Babu's 'V'. In his latest interview, he has talked about some interesting facets.

 "The original plan was to release the movie in December last year. Due to personal reasons, I couldn't complete it on time. After theatres were closed down in March, I and Nani urged Dil Raju garu to wait for theatres to reopen. Since that hasn't happened even after five months, he thought the best way is to release it directly on OTT. The release date (September 5) was decided by Amazon Prime itself," the 'Ashta Chamma' maker said.

"As a technician, I would prefer watching a movie like 'V' only in a theatre. The audience, too, would do the same. But we are living in extraordinary times. Now that 'V' is going to stream on OTT, it will now cater to audiences in 200 countries. Also, many would have watched it in the first or second week will now likely watch it on the first day itself," he added.

"Both in terms of style and scare, 'V' is the most challenging film of my career. Never have I done any more on such a lavish scale. Besides shooting the movie in five States in India, we also shot a few portions in Thailand," Indraganti elaborated.

What made him repeat its lead actors, with whom he has previous worked at least once in the past? "The reason is that I am comfortable with Nani, Nivetha, Sudheer and Aditi. As actors, they know well what I expect from them. As for cinematographer PG Vinda, you will be witness to his fullest potential when you watch 'V'," he added.

How does Indraganti describe 'V'? "It's an emotional, mystery action drama. Watching the climax, you might assume that the film might have a sequel. But I haven't thought of a sequel as yet," he answered.

What about his next projects, especially the one with Vijay Deverakonda? "I am committed to working on three-four movies. I will team up with Dil Raju garu again after those movies. I will be working with Vijay Deverakonda after he completes 'Fighter' and one more movie," the 'Gentleman' director revealed.

Updated on August 31, 2020