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Dear Nithiin, we know you are Pawan Kalyan's die-hard fan!


Nithiin is Pawan Kalyan's die-hard fan. Nithiin is Pawan Kalyan's die-hard fan and there are no two ways about it. Nithiin is Pawan Kalyan's die-hard fan and everyone must know it. Nithiin is Pawan Kalyan's die-hard fan and the whole universe needs to acknowledge it. Why so?

Because Nithiin doesn't seem to get tired of (lackluster) Power Star references in his movies. In his upcoming movie, 'Extra - Ordinary Man', the 'Rang De' actor will be seen making one or more PSPK references (since it is a meta movie, as per some rumours). In a poster released yesterday, we see him clad in the 'Thammudu' costume from the song 'Vayyari Bhama'.

In his career spanning more than two decades, Nithiin has time and again made it known that he was inspired by 'Toli Prema' to become an actor. This is something he has repeated quite often since the days of his first movie. Out of his genuine admiration for the actor-politician, he has emulated him on screen, either consciously or otherwise. But then, one should know where to stop.

Pawan's fans themselves don't see any novelty in his nods to Pawanisms anymore. It is true that the 'OG' actor is inimitable and fans tend to forgive Nithiin for the overindulgence he displays. But then, tributes work best only when two conditions are met: The reference has to be organic, and the imitation must carry a certain charm. If it is dull, the effect could be counter-productive.

In the present instance, the makers of 'Extra' could have avoided releasing the poster and kept it as a surprise for the audience to discover upon the film's release in December.