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Teaser for pan-India movie 'Razakar' out, film to expose 'Hyderabad genocide'


'Razakar', the pan-India film directed by Yata Satyanarayana, is going to hit the cinemas soon. Samarveer Creations LLP today unveiled its teaser at an event in Hyderabad. "A silent genocide of Hyderabad" is its caption.

Speaking on the occasion, the film's director said that true history has been whitewashed, something 'Razakar' attempts to undo. "Those were the days when people living in Telangana, parts of Karnataka and Maharashtra didn't even know that India had attained Independence in 1947. This is a film with no communal angle. If you watch this film through a communal lens, the problem is with you. If you watch this film from a humanitarian perspective, true history will be understood as it happened," the filmmaker said.

Producer Gudur Narayana Reddy said that vote-bank politics and pseudo-secularism have ensured that history has been hidden from the public. "The present generation needs to know the events that happened in Hyderabad during the Nizam era. Nothing is fictional in the movie. Everything that we have shown happened for real. September 17th, 1948 is the true Independence Day for those who lived under the Nizam rule. This day is the Liberation Day," he added.

The film's cinematography is by Kushendar Ramesh Reddy. Bheems Ceciroleo composed the music, while Naba and Navakanth took care of the stunts. Art direction is by Thirumala M Thirupati, while Prem Rakshith and Suchitra Chandra Bose are the dance choreographers.