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Vijay Deverakonda before 2016: Rich or middle-class?


Was Vijay Deverakonda affluent or middle-class before he became a star hero? In a recent interview, he said that he was so hard-pressed for money that he would be broke all the time. "It was only after 'Pelli Choopulu' that I could afford full tank petrol," VD said.

Soon after this video clip went viral, a Netizen pulled out an old post from 2015. In that, VD was seen vacationing in Sri Lanka.

Another video clip has been pulled out from 2018. In the clip, VD's mother is heard saying that her parents' family belonged to the lineage of Doralu. "Ours is a Dorasani family. We used to observe the Pardah system. Our servants (Palerulu) still address us as Doras when we go to our village," she said in the video.

The other day, VD said that he started making so much money only after 'Kushi'. "Earlier, I used to be paid peanuts as remuneration," he claimed. Nobody is ready to take his words at face value. "Unless he was too naive not to know his market range, there is no way he was charging peanuts. Moreover, he owns a palatial house in Hyderabad, something he bought from his savings," a Netizen wrote.