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Dear Megha hero Adith Arun interview


Dear Megha will be released in theatres on September 3. In this interview,Adith Arun talks about the film, working experience with Megha Akash,his future projects and more.

Q. How did you enter the movie field?
I belong to a middle class family. I was expected to be a typical engineer. But, I was having different passion. I also got seat in Journalism. But, I took up acting like no one expected me to do. At the time I got my first offer in the movies, there were many aspiring actors with no family background. If I could look back, I can see only Nani. He is the one who is ahead of all of us. I am happy for him.

Q. How did you get roped in to play the lead in 'Dear Megha'?
Sushanth is my friend. We know each other well, and he narrated to me a script, which I loved. But, that didn't happen for various reasons. Dear Megha fascinated me instantly. I grabbed this offer as soon as I heard the script.

Q. The previous movies you've done might have created a brand for you that you always appear in 'adult' movies. Your thoughts?
See, we are actors. We need to take up all kinds of subjects. The previous movies might have been of that genre, in this movie Dear Megha, I've not even touched the heroine. So, it is always the script. Unfortunate that we actors get those tags. But, a proper subject will always overshadow those kind of things.

Q. How do you feel about the title 'Dear Megha'?
I really was impressed with the title. It need not be the hero's name or representation in the title. So, I am happy with the title.

Q. What do you think of the movie's output?
I am excited for the movie's release. This movie would definitely be one of my best. I wish the audience receive it as I hope.

Updated on August 29, 2021