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'Line Man' is a mix of comedy and message: Thrigun


Actor Thrigun of 'PSV Garuda Vega' has acted in comedy and romantic roles in his long career. He recently said that while 'Chikati Gadilo Chithakotudu' is his most successful film to date, 'Line Man' is the kind of film he will be proud of. Incidentally, 'Line Man' also marks his Kannada debut. Helmed by V Raghu Shastry, the film was released in theatres today (March 22) in Telugu and Kannada. Ahead of the release of the movie produced by Purple Rock Entertainers, Thrigun talks about its merits, saying that the film is a mix of comedy, a sweet love story, and a heartfelt message.

Fifteen years have passed since I embarked on my acting journey, yet I approach each project with the same level of enthusiasm as a newcomer. This commitment to exploring fresh narratives has rendered my journey truly memorable. My primary focus lies not in chasing commercial success, but rather in ensuring that each project proves profitable for the producer.

From the trailer of 'Line Man', it was evident that the film has a message. And it is this pertinent message, that will surely be endorsed by lovers of Nature, that resonated with me. I okayed the story also because it is an entertainer and an engaging drama while maintaining a fun quotient throughout.

Thanks to its premise and the profession of the lead man, 'Line Man' charts a different path. Its treatment and message make it my career's most loved film as far as I am concerned.

I play a lineman working for the electricity department in the village. It is his work that keeps the power supply in the village uninterrupted. One day, he decides to abruptly cut off the entire village's power supply. In an age when power cuts are seen as a major dent on the quality of life and standard of living, my character's move to deprive the whole village of electricity supply for ten days erupts into chaos.

The direction is genuinely authentic. And the writing is endearing. That's what makes this film a cut above the rest. The producers thought of producing 'Line Man' only in Kannada. But since I am known in Telugu, he made this film a bilingual release.

Updated on March 22, 2024