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Expect a surprise element in 'Sound Party': VJ Sunny


'Sound Party' features a surprise factor, says VJ Sunny in this interview. Produced by Full Moon Media Productions' Ravi Polishetty, Mahendra Gajendra, and Sri Shyam Gajendra, the film has the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 title winner play a famous dimwit who strikes gold when a beautiful girl (played by Hrithika Srinivas) falls in love with him. With Sivannarayana in the role of a dumb dad, the entertainer is hitting the screens on November 24. In this interview, Sunny sounds mellowed when he ponders about his career and suggests that he has learned from his mistakes.

'Sound Party' offers minimum guaranteed entertainment. Speaking for myself, this is one of the best projects in my career. A lot of time was spent on post-production and RR. After watching this movie, even star directors will regret not casting Sivannarayana garu in their movies. A generation hasn't had enough of him. He will be called Kuber Kumar, after the character in 'Sound Party', after this.

I did a film before the Bigg Boss stint. 'Sakala Gunabhirama' was its title. 'ATM', produced by Dil Raju Productions, is my first web series. I did 'ATM' and 'Unstoppable' (feature film) which were shot simultaneously. I couldn't adjust my look for them. I took a gap for 'Sound Party', groomed myself and took the plunge.

Mine is a high-IQ character in 'Sound Party' (sarcastically). The CBFC has given our film UA certificate. The Censor Board member laughed throughout as they watched the movie. This film will disappoint none.

At a time when the masses haven't heard about the virtual currency Bitcoin, our film makes use of the concept to etch comedy scenes. The US audience in a premiere recently were super entertained by the idea. The joint efforts of a middle-class father-son duo are going to tickle the funny bone.

'F3' was about the husband-wife template. 'Sound Party' has nothing to do with that genre of comedy. While I am a fan of Anil Ravipudi anna and Venkatesh garu, our film is quite different from 'F2' and 'F3'. There is a huge spoof episode in 'Sound Party'. You will enjoy it a great deal. That's what is the biggest surprise factor.

We often find ourselves envious when any of our less savvy friends manage to impress a stunning lady. In 'Sound Party,' my role is that of the clueless guy who charms a sexy girl effortlessly. He is such a colossal fool that he would be willing to trade a valuable piece of land for next to nothing.

While the producers are not traditionally based in Hyderabad (hailing from the US), their passion for the project is solid. They asked director Sanjay Sheri not to compromise on quality.

My acting style in 'Sound Party' is new. I grew up watching Rajendra Prasad garu. Comedy is the toughest of all genres of acting. It is less difficult to make your audience cry with melodrama. When it comes to humour, you bite the dust if the audience are not tickled.

Moving forward, I aim to maintain complete focus on one project at a time. During the production of 'Sound Party,' my attention was entirely dedicated to this specific film, allowing me to gain comprehensive insights.

When 'Unstoppable' was trashed by a reviewer, I was upset. My agony made me hit out verbally at the film critic publicly. He didn't even watch that movie before reviewing it. As someone from a journalism background, I was shocked. I did live reporting, political reporting, crime reporting for 3.5 years. I know the pain of a reporter. Reports don't earn much.

I was a theatre artist as a child. When I got a chance to interview SRK as a reporter, I expressed my desire to him. My journey has been long. I made only a modest income when I was a journalist. I have donned multiple hats - as a TV serial artist, a TV show host, a Bigg Boss inmate, and now an actor. I worked as a Page 3 beat journalist.

Updated on November 22, 2023