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'Manamey' has a fresh, fun take on parenting: Sriram Adittya


'Manamey' is slated to be released in theatres on June 7. Director Sriram Adittya says that a lot of lines in the film are relatable and slice-of-life. The Sharwanand-starrer is produced by People Media Factory. "Producer TG Vishwa Prasad garu didn't constrain the budget. Executive Producer Vivek Kuchibotla garu was highly supportive," the director says.

I have always wanted to showcase parenting in a fresh, fun manner in cinema. The final thirty minutes of 'Manamey' is about my perspective of parenting. I am a father myself. The father-son bond in the film will strike the right chord with the audience.

I had approached Sharwanand with a different story altogether. For some reason, I pitched him 'Manamey', which he okayed immediately. I am hoping that my career graph will look up after this movie. Family entertainer is my favourite genre. Humour is my favourite way of treating a subject. 'Manamey' is my most favourite in my career not just because my son Vikram is part of it but otherwise, too. Vikram was my first and only choice right from the beginning. The story revolves around his character. He is the soul of the story.

I liked Sharwanand the most in 'Padi Padi Leche Manasu'. He looked lively in that film. And that spirightly appearance is what you will find in 'Manamey'.

The film was shot in London with a 60-member crew. The climate was not friendly. Permissions were difficult to be sought. It was a task to sort out logistical issues. The story has nothing to do with any of the stories that have come out in Telugu so far. When I visualize and narrate the script, I detail out the locations, BGM and everything else that I have in mind.

The film features 16 songs. None of the songs hinders the smooth flow. Every song fastens the pace of the story. Pawan Kalyan's 'Kushi' is one of my all-time favourites. Look at how the BGM plays a role in the film. In 'Manamey', too, music is ever-present from start to end. When Hesham Abdul Wahab was onboarded, he hadn't yet bagged 'Hi Nanna' and Vijay Deverakonda's 'Kushi'. The flavour of music in 'Manamey' is strikingly different from that of his two previous movies.

You will find Tom-n-Jerry kinda equations between the lead pair in 'Manamey'. The vibe will be reminiscent of 'Kushi' (2001). The scenes and the nature of the story are completely different, though.

Krithi Shetty had a performance-oriented role in 'Uppena'. She is classy and restrained in 'Manamey'. Never does she go overboard anywhere. Shiva Kandukuri's role will be a surprise. I wanted to cast someone who comes across as a good-natured person and has the looks. It's sweet of him to have done the role.

We don't want to reveal whether Sharwa and Krithi are a married couple in the movie. The storyline is simple. Nothing much can't be divulged before the release. The story takes off ten minutes right into the story. Don't expect any events or twists in the film. You will experience highs that even twists won't assure you.

Nothing has been decided about the venue of the pre-release event. If there is no Section 144 under implementation in Pithapuram in AP (after the election results), we will hold the event there. Nothing will be like it if it happens!

I am very proud of 'Hero', my previous film. I am not aware of how many people even watched that movie and what they think about it. I have no clue if it has been watched by people at all! My next movie is going to be an action comedy.

Updated on June 2, 2024