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MSG – The Warrior Lion Heart Movie Releasing on 7th October 2016

The super successful series of MSG is back to spread its message of love for humanity.

After achieving a grand success on the box office in last two movies, MSG.. The Messenger, MSG-2, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan is back with his third film “MSG – The Warrior: Lion Heart” which is releasing on October 7th, 2016. The promotion program is going to be held at “Prasaad film Laboratories”. The film features MSG with a triple role facing the camera and 30 roles behind the camera. Guru ji is playing a marvelous character of Lion Heart, a top secret agent of India which is one of the three faces; the second is Sherdil, a great warrior who has dedicated his life to save the motherland.

He fights the aliens, all alone, full of courage and bravery, showing blusterous potential; with the techniques which the Indians had 300 years ago, enough competent to triumph over the aliens. The movie imperialize many social messages, intends to inspire the youth; to adopt a healthy life style, away from drugs & intoxication, fill them with the enthusiastic spirit of patriotism and a firm dedication for the mother land.

Along with Guruji, the film is co-directed by his daughter HoneyPreet Insaan popularly called ‘Baap Beti ki jodi’. Like the earlier 2 films, this is a family entertainer which can be watched and enjoyed with families. It depicts the rich culture and traditions of India, showing love and respect for all the relations.

The film has two songs including the title track Sherdil: a power packed ballad, with a strong rock like vocals merged with Veer Rasa from Folk music. This song is expected to be a major inspirational hit for the youth and the masses and a major rallying point for the film.

Another song, is a motivational song to inspire farmers, with a strong rooting in folk with a some modern instrumentation. The main theme of this song is to inspire farmers for hard work and dissuade them from suicide. The songs are shot in extremely scenic locales and are extremely catchy. The album is expected to break records on online portals like Flipkart and Amazon on its pre-booking as was the case of the previous film album that had broken records upon its launch. The multi talented multi faceted widely known as Guruji to his 6 crore followers is a One man talent factory. His songs always trend popularity charts and fuel twitter mania. In every album, Saint Dr. MSG has shown a remarkable talent to sing different voices and genres with mind blowing ease.


MSG – The Warrior LionHeart

The story is about medieval warrior who fights for the honor of his land and the dignity of the womenfolk. The story travels centuries apart as he emerges in another role as a Modern Indian equipment of James Bond, a stylish top secret agent. The marauding aliens run amok, as they are hundreds of years ahead in technology. Lionheart is their only stumbling block in their march to overpower Planet Earth. Will LionHeart manage with his primitive weapons, or will he surrender . There is romance apart from action and high drama and finally, an amazing twist in the tale !!

Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji Insan is committed to bring back the traditional human values to our deteriorating society. Inspired by him, millions have pledged to adopt a lifestyle that is Vegetarian, drug & addiction free and moral. He teaches free meditation to all and countless cures of serious illness through meditation have been reported by qualified doctors, as a direct result of meditation.

• He has inspired de-addiction of close to 60 million people by using a method of meditation for no cost. He has also started 125 humanitarian campaigns, the hallmark of which is participation of common man at the grass root to achieve enormous social impact.

• About 20 programs for women empowerment from marriage and rehabilitation of female sex workers (renamed ‘Shubhdevis by Guruji), advocacy against female feticide , adoption of destitute girls, promoting dowry-free marriages, nutritional and medical care of pregnant women, marriage of young widows, marriages of victims of acid attacks and rape fetuses were

saved and adopted by Guruji as his daughters. Today they outshine others in education as well as sports at national level. For children, several programs including those providing home for the homeless, prevention of child labor, access to book & toy banks, character building etc. have been initiated.

• He has heeded to the suffering of the trans-genders too. The status of third gender given to them by the

Hon’ble Supreme Court was based on an application moved under his initiative.

• A disaster management wing with 70,000 volunteers created by him called Shah Satnam Ji Green S Welfare force wing, has been recognized worldwide for its work. Aid has been disbursed to the victims of earthquakes in Gujarat and Nepal, countless major floods, during tsunami, industrial disasters, avalanches ,smaller earthquakes & forest fires worldwide.

• In the field of healthcare, notable achievements include establishment of modern hospitals in rural areas, monthly community preventive health programs, monthly blood donation program and an annual mega eye camps. Guruji has created novel prototypes of mobile hospitals that are small yet comprehensive. These have proved to be boons in the remotest of disaster struck areas in Uttarakhand and Kashmir.

• Guruji has motivated thousands to donate organ/ tissue, like kidney (live), Cornea (post mortem) and even whole body after death. This has led to world records in blood donation For the world’s Largent community driven eye bank and many more. Guruji is promoting traditional Indian medicine in a big way. Setting an Ayurvedic hospital, regular yoga training of students and community are amongst the steps taken. To create aid for the needy, food and cloth bank have been set up and volunteers build thousands of tenements every year for the homeless.

• Guruji himself play 32 games and guides the students Himself. These students have won hundreds of medals, including gold, at national and international events in sports ranging from yoga to roller skating hockey. Guruji has great love for nature and is working relentlessly to save our environment.

• Mega tree plantation drives are being organized regularly leading to plantations of lakhs of tree every year world over and volunteers are committed to take care of them as well until they become self-reliant. Such drives have created worlds records and are a source of inspiration for others.

• Guruji has led mega cleanliness drives since 2011 across the nation. He has taught innovative techniques for conservation of water and energy and is promoting organic farming in a big way. Farmers have attended to his call for not burning the left over stalk to prevent post -harvest pollution. Biogas plants have been setup to utilize the bio-waste. Guruji believes thateducation empowers regardless of gender. Several institutions have been established at various locations in the country right from pre-school to college level, including ones imparting vocational traiing. There is provision for education at no cost for the poor while the others who can afford have been inspired to provide support to the needy with stationary, used textbooks and free coaching.

• Guruji hails from an agrarian background himself and has empathy for the farmers. He has innovated several agricultural techniques and involves scientists to train farmers in the best of traditional and modern scientific farming methods. Using these methods upto 13 types of crops have harvested from a single piece of land.

• He also has a passion to create a corruption free society and in his presence thousands have pledged against accepting or giving bribes and the numbers are ever increasing. Guruji preaches secularism to its true sense and hin ashram people from all religions live together ina total harmony with utmost respect and love for one another.

• Guruji has 56 international records including 19 Guiness worlds records, Asian, Limca and Indian book records for social work and films.