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'Peddha Kapu 1' Trailer: Villains shine, hero Virat Karrna bores


The trailer for 'Peddha Kapu 1' was released today at an event in Hyderabad. Director Srikanth Addala has staged a gritty village-based drama that is all about casteist clashes. Now, this is not about two dominant castes vying for the Numero Uno position in the village. It is about a disenfranchised caste resisting the atrocities perpetrated by a landed caste.

The trailer suggests that negative/character artists (played by Naren, Addala and Naga Babu) are better off compared to debutant hero Virat Karrna. Virat doesn't have that screen presence to look like a messiah. The trailer has been cut in such a fashion that we see him only in one mode: angry.

If the makers' intention was to portray him as a fiery character, the blunt truth is that Virat doesn't manage to rise above cliches. He looks like a shadow of the hyper-angry hero from this year's release 'Dasara'.

The film, with music by Mickey J Meyer, is produced Miryala Ravinder Reddy. It will hit the cinemas on September 29.