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Interview of Satyadev about 'Thimmarusu'


'Thimmarusu' will be released on July 30. Ahead of its release, actor Satyadev Kancharana talks about the film, what makes it unique and more. The 'Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya' ('UMUR') actor also talks about what clicks for him, doing five films at a time, and more.

Producer Srujan Yarabolu wanted to do a stylish film. I have come out of my comfort zone for this film. I have, for example, done action scenes. The idea originated from Srujan and director Sharan Kopisetty. Producer Mahesh S Koneru was brought in because we felt he can help take the film to a larger audience and also increase the calibre of the product. The production works were completed in 39 days, in a single schedule. It's not an easy thing, especially during a pandemic.

'Thimmarusu' is unique in that it's a thriller from a lawyer's perspective. He stands by the truth. More than a courtroom drama, this one is an action-based one. There are no similarities with films like 'Naandhi'. Lawyer Ramachandra is characterized as another Chiranjeevi garu from 'Abhilasha'. There is the element of 14 years of imprisonment in the story. The basic plot is borrowed but the sensibilities are uniquely our own.

'Thimmarusu' is definitely entertaining. The initial portions are light-veined but as the plot thickens, the film becomes serious. My character is not serious but witty. He is a smart and fun-loving fellow. He is like your Sherlock Holmes. The story revolves around a compensation case. As lawyer Ramachandra digs into the case, he discovers some shocking facts. The film is full of twists and turns.

I shot for a long monologue, but at the edit table, it became a long montage. I felt happy when Sharan gave me a 4-page monologue.

Before the pandemic, it appeared that OTT will make an advance in our lives by 2023. But the pandemic has expedited the process. 'UMUR', my film, had to be released on Netflix last year. My producer was very happy with the returns. With 'Thimmarusu', we are confident that the audience will watch it in theatres. I prefer a theatrical release personally while I respect OTT.

Theatres are safe. If you follow the covid protocol properly, they are not harmful. I have shot for five movies during the pandemic by strictly adhering to all the norms. Thanks to God's grace, I was not infected. Let's leave it to the audience whether they want to come to theatres.

All along, I have been passionate about movies. It's been my burning desire to be a part of the movie industry. I have never planned anything systematically. I have only acted in those movies that I believed would take my career to the next level.

My upcoming movies are completely different from each other. 'Gurthunda Seethakalma' has got three heroines and is a love story. 'Godse' is different. Koratala Siva garu is producing a raw and rustic film with me. 'Skylab' is a comedy at one level. I get a high when I do a variety of movies. 'Ram Setu' in Hindi is going to be totally different, again.

I follow the single-schedule policy. Eighty percent of the shoot has to be completed in a single schedule. The pre-production works are extensive in such cases. Completing a film in a single schedule helps me stay in the character. That way, the producer and director too are happy.

For me, 'UMUR' is as important as 'Mr. Perfect', which had a small role for me.

Meeting with Tarak anna for the trailer launch was great. Credit goes to him for the fact that the trailer of 'Thimmarusu' has clocked more than 5 million views. He also promised to watch my movie after completing his work on 'RRR'. Such a big star releasing the trailer has meant that the audience are talking about our movie.

Since 'Jyothi Lakshmi', I have listened to 150 stories. But I have done hardly 10 movies. I have to choose the best of what comes my way. I am not going to do small characters or character roles from now because I am too busy playing lead roles. But if something really exciting comes after a few years, I will definitely do.

Updated on July 29, 2021