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'Gurtunda Seethakalam' has romance and touching emotions: Satyadev


'Gurtunda Seethakalam' ('GS') hits the cinemas this Friday (December 9). In this interview, actor Satyadev Kancharana talks about his journey this year, working with Tamannaah Bhatia, his upcoming movies, and more. He talks about how 'GodFather' has bettered the dynamic for him, besides also taking stock of his debut Bollywood movie Ram Setu's impact. The 'Godse' actor also says that 2023 is sorted with at least three theatrical releases.

I am enjoying this phase and attention, especially after 'GodFather'. 'GS' is my 5th release this year. 'Godse' and 'Ram Setu' were important releases, while 'Acharya' had me in a cameo. 'GodFather' was really big, as the degree of reception to me went up several notches because of that movie. 'GS' coming out in theatres at this juncture feels special.

'GS' has got three proper love stories and a track involving Megha Akash's character. This is the first time I have done such a film. It feels apt that it is getting released in theatres after a big-ticket one like 'GodFather'. The content is emotional in nature.

Tamannaah's character enters the screen in the middle of the first half. Once it happens, the tone of the film undergoes a shift. Since she is a senior actress, the thought of sharing screen space with her did give me some jitters. I was also excited.

You are going to see her character Nidhi, not Tamannah the actress. She was highly impressed by the conception of the intro scene and director Nagashekar's vision. Her character is natural and even her intro scene has no frills. She told me she thoroughly liked my performance in 'Uma Mahehswara Ugra Roopasya'. She came on board because she believed that 'GS' will offer something refreshing.

Romance can take many meanings and be expressed in several forms/shades. 'Hum Tum Ek Kamre Mein' song was about the sexual tension between the lead pair. Despite no physical intimacy, there was romance in it. 'GS' is in that zone. It's a feel-good movie that will keep the smile on your face intact once Tamannaah's character is in. The treatment is distinctive.

'Sita Ramam' is a love story. 'Love Today' is a dubbed film and a love story. Both became hits this year. Films like 'Naa Autograph' worked, many years ago. I am confident that the audience are going to watch 'GS' as well. The school and college episodes, the IT company segment... every phase is different in 'GS'.

I didn't do any homework as such for the role. Playing a college-goer is not easy. I won't be cast in such a role when I become too old to play a student. When I was 24, I was offered the role of a heroine's father! I was taken aback (laughs). That offer came because I had played a 40-year-old in one of my films. It shows that I could make them believe I was really an aged fellow!

The delay in the release of 'GS' has taught me the virtue of patience. No matter how hard you try, a film will come out in theatres when it has to. Postponements, hurdles and all are to be expected anytime. Despite your best efforts and perseverance, things don't fall into place. All that you can do is give your 100%. I am happy that 'GS' is being released when I am in a good space.

More than anything, acting alongside thorough professionals like Chiranjeevi annayya, Akshay Kumar, Nayanthara and Tamannaah has been a great learning experience. Working with big stars is the greatest comfort. They have a no-nonsense approach and things are quick-paced. Everything happens on time on set. The learning curve is superb. Everything is transparent. You can also be time-conscious.

Since 2019, I have been working non-stop (except during the lockdown). In 2019, I worked for 300 days!

'Krishnamma' and 'Full Bottle' are in post-production. Another film (starring Satyadev and Dhaali Dhananjay) is complete to the tune of 40%. I already have three movies coming up in 2023.

I need to deliver a big theatrical hit so that my range goes up. The scale of the story will go up, the budgets will go up. I had big hopes for 'Godse'. There are films that were released with low expectations but went on to become huge hits in the history of Indian cinema. The opposite has also happened. As things stand, I can only be high on optimism!

'Ram Setu' has fetched me popularity among the Hindi audience. The character AP has been received well in the North belt. Of course, the character was so well-written.

'Kantara' has been accepted across India even though it's based on a local tradition somewhere in Karnataka. 'Kartikeya 2' and 'Pushpa' are massive. People in the North are lapping up our stories, proving the 'local is global' theme right. Thanks to SS Rajamouli garu, things have changed radically. During the making of 'Ram Setu', people in the North used to talk feverishly about our actors such as Allu Arjun.

I am eager to work with Akshay Kumar garu once again. He is energetic like Ravi Teja garu. He is a gentleman.

Updated on December 8, 2022